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30 sep 2020
3 minutes | COMPUTING

The 2038 Effect: is a new computer blackout haunting us?

In 2014, the Korean artist PSY broke the YouTube view count by surpassing 2,147,483,647 views with his video for the hit music Gangnam Style. Once that barrier was crossed, as recalled by CNN, YouTube froze and stopped recording the real ...

23 sep 2020
5 minutes | TALENT

A new corporate culture

Although the business world should be one of the most dynamic by its own ...

9 sep 2020
3 minutes | ENGINEERING

Cobots: What are they and what role will they play in the industry 4.0 industry?

The future belongs to robots. Or rather, cobots. This peculiar species of ...

3 sep 2020
3 minutes | INFORMÁTICA

What is a sandbox and what is it for? | BETWEEN

If it weren't for sandboxing, doing something as simple as reading a pdf, downloading an attachment, or surfing the Internet would be as dangerous as driving through a minefield. A false step and computer threats would have the door open ...

31 jul 2020
3 minutes | INFORMÁTICA

Being a WordPress developer in 2020 | BETWEEN

Enter your browser and visit any Internet page. What CMS (Content Management ...

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