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18 dic 2019
3 minutes | TALENT

Diversity & Co

Have you already applied any of the advices we gave you in the last post about the management of some changes related to your work? Today we are going to talk about another important aspect to manage in a company: diversity. ...

13 dic 2019
4 minutes | ENGINEERING

Which specialisations in industrial engineering are most sought after in the job market?

As we saw in the previous post, Industry 4.0 and its professional projection is ...

5 dic 2019
4 minutes | TALENT

How to manage changes | Between Technology

Falta intro link post Lucia We are in a evolving world, described as a  VUCA ...

3 dic 2019
2 minutes | TECNOLOGÍA

Women and Technology | Between Technology

At BETWEEN we work constantly to eliminate any kind of bias. We are firm believers that diversity is a must for the development of a company, and we know first-hand the potential that a diverse company offers. We sat down to talk to some ...

22 nov 2019
8 minutes | COMPUTING

Video-game development positions are decreasing in Spain, but what are they really like?

I'm going to confess that I am really fortunate to be able to decide where I ...

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