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24 jul 2019
6 minutes | COMPUTING

Why are salaries for IT jobs higher in Barcelona than in the rest of Spain?

Do you remember the concept of Uberization of recruitment? In the previous post we discussed this aspect and today we will put the focus on a more universal aspect. Have you ever wondered why IT salaries in Barcelona are higher than in the ...

10 jul 2019

How to set up a server with a Raspberry PI

In the last post we talked about the technological step forward that has been ...

29 may 2019
4 minutes | TALENTO

Are you proactive or do you procrastinate?

Do you remember that the last post about Talent we talked about ...

28 may 2019
9 minutes | COMPUTING

The Uberisation of recruitment

You are reading the second part of the interview with Laura Cortés, the first part being about hiring by values and roughly ethical decisions in recruitment. I don’t think we should be scared of bringing up several articles about the same ...

22 may 2019
4 minutes | COMPUTING

Edge Computing, a technological step forward

Do you remember the innovations of the Windows Server 2019 that  we explained ...

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