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16 dic 2020
2 minutes | TALENT

Keys to promoting productivity and motivation in teleworking

Now that this atypical year 2020 is over, we look back and surely, we all think, who was going to tell us 10 months ago that teleworking would come to stay? During these months there have been many changes at the level of company culture, ...

10 dic 2020
3 minutes | COMPUTING

What is machine learning overfitting and how to avoid it?

At some point in machine learning, most beginners run into the same problem. ...

18 nov 2020
3 minutes | COMPUTING

Secure software development techniques

What does this story sound like to you? You work as a developer in a software ...

4 nov 2020
4 minutes | TALENTO

Reskilling in the “new normality”

What we have been calling a new normal, the one that the crisis caused by Covid-19 has brought us, will create substantial changes in terms of management within the company. In fact, a few days ago we were talking about the changes it has ...

28 oct 2020
3 minutes | COMPUTING

HTTP/3, the protocol that will bring us (finally) a faster Internet

Since its birth in the 1980s, the Internet has always used TCP as the backbone ...

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