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12 dic 2022
3 minutes | IT

Chaos engineering: what is it and how does it work?

What would you do if you entered a data centre to find a room full of hundreds of tangled cables? How would you untangle and organise them? One possible solution would be to pick a cable at random, unplug it to observe the result, and then ...

7 dic 2022
3 minutes | IT

Bioconstruction and the buildings of the future: a new opportunity for engineering?

Thought you seen all there is to see in the building world? Like traditional ...

21 oct 2022
4 minutes | IT

The 5 Essential Version Control Systems in Software Development

A few months ago we talked about security in software development, one of the ...

19 oct 2022
3 minutes | IT

OPC UA, the industrial communication protocol that will leave its mark on the next decade

The reinvention of traditional factories as smart factories will be crucial to maximise production and compete in the future market. But... how can we overcome the barriers of communication protocols between electronic and digital ...

4 oct 2022
4 minutes | IT

What is biometric security?

What is biometric security and what are its most used techniques? Facial ...

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