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Published at 26 / noviembre / 2019

How high is the demand for Developers & Data Analysts?

How high is the demand for Developers & Data Analysts?


The short answer to this question is, yes, there is a huge demand for Web & Mobile Developers and Data Analysts, and with the digitalisation of companies all over the world, it is only going to get bigger.

2020 Europe will need 8 million professionals in Big Data

Reports across the board, across the world, are telling us that jobs associated with artificial intelligence, big data and web development are on the rise and we as workers are lacking in the necessary skills to fill such vacancies. In fact, there are currently 350,000 unfilled jobs in Spain due to the lack of sufficiently trained candidates in digital skills. It is estimated that in 2020 Europe will need 8 million professionals in Big Data, of which it is believed that 1 million will be left unfilled due to a lack of candidates.

The Spanish job portal,, indicates that the demand for Computer Programmers, makes up 24% of the job market in Spain, the demand for Programmer Analysts comes close behind at 23%. Combine these two figures and that’s almost half of all jobs in Spain! If you look at the U.S’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, computer-related jobs were among the highest gains during the period of 2009–2015, and are projected to increase by 12.5 percent from 2014 to 2024. 


So, in light of these statistics, yes, the demand is really as big as the say. But why and what can we do to resolve this?

The main reason companies are struggling to fill their Developer and Analyst positions is due to an inexistant pipeline; training in digital skills in the early stages of education is scarce and only 7% of university students opt for technological degrees. Furthermore, in the case of data analytics, a relatively new field of study, you’ll be hard pushed to find a university degree that trains you to work in this profession.


Many young people looking to get into programming and web development have expressed their frustration with the traditional education system, seeing it as too theoretical, too expensive and too long. They are looking for alternatives, and these come in the form of coding bootcamps such as Ubiqum Code Academy.

Francesc Altes, a student who has recently graduated from Ubiqum’s Java Web Developer program states: “At uni I would spend 4 months studying a subject and never got to see the practical use of it. On Ubiqum's Java program, in just a few weeks I was already seeing the tangible results of what I was working on and this motivates you to no end. Unlike at uni, I will now go home or go to the library in my free time and learn more about a program or a programming language we've looked at on the course.”


Coding bootcamps are the answer! 

If you work in tech or want to get into web development, design or analytics, you should know that these are the education of the future. Ubiqum offers 5 month programs in web development and data analytics in Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam for absolute beginners. Those who make up their monthly cohorts come from a variety of backgrounds but all have one thing in common, their objective is to get a job as a Junior Developer or Data Analyst, and they achieve this.

With a job placement rate of 96%, Ubiqum is working hard to reduce the deficit the IT and technology sector is encountering, linking up with companies in the sector and hosting Hiring Days, like the one Between Technology attended.

The companies who hire Ubiqum’s students are highly satisfied with the Developers and Analysts that join their teams due to the very short adjustment time needed and the first rate practical capabilities of the candidates. This is because Ubiqum’s programs, unlike university degrees and master’s, are 100% practical and follow a “learn by doing” methodology.

If you’re you’d like to meet the demand and be one of the prime candidates for the many positions in the IT and technology sector, take a look at Ubiqum’s courses in web development and data analytics.

If you’re a company looking to hire Data Analysts or Junior Developers, you can sign up to their Job Notice Board where you can post your vacancies and take a look at students’ profiles.




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