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Published at 22 / julio / 2020

Keys for being a good leader | Between Technology

The traditional boss concept has long since slipped into a drawer that we hope will never come out again. That authoritative image, capable of frightening the staff at times and that had no other motivational tool than the whip is, luckily, a thing of the past. But what does a boss need today to become a good leader?
In a past post, we discussed the keys to being a good CEO of the future, and these two topics are closely linked. You not only have to be good, but be. We are going to know the details that are included in the trends in talent management for 2020 and that you must keep in mind in order to improve your job skills. Let us begin!

When there is a leader in command

We can almost tell you that we are going to start with what would be the end of this article, but it is that we want you to be very clear about the benefits of basing leadership on a correct model.According to studies done by agencies such as MDA or Infopro Learning, workers who are part of a team led by a capable leader have motivation rates of up to 40% higher than teams from the same company in which leadership tips follow outdated patterns.

This means that, first of all, you have to have greater confidence in the figure of the boss or leader. Thus, the work environment will be infinitely better, the production capacity will increase and workers will have a positive vision of their work environment, achieving better results in each project undertaken as a team or alone.

As we said, trust is a very important factor. The same studies indicate that 8 out of 10 workers do not trust those colleagues who are in management positions enough, so something is definitely wrong.

Thus, having clear the improvements that can be achieved with what we have put up to here, now we are going to delve fully into the tips that are trending and that will help you improve the way of leadership in the field of talent, something that, after all, it must be the goal of every leader.


A good office environment

The office environment should never be free from criticism and listening. Now here near. A good leader must build around him a team of professionals who are highly interested in his work and who are capable of developing very high critical thinking.

It is more and more frequent that the computer systems take charge of diverse types of complex analyzes that are those that mark the ways of the great companies. Where does that leave the workers? Well, in a situation that depends on the leader they have.

If professionals become mere cogs and their critical ability is not valued at all, the chances of a demotivating climate appearing are tremendously apparent. When professionals have something to communicate critically, they must find the ears of a leader willing to listen and value, in due measure, the contributions of their team.

What's more, one of the qualities that managers and personnel managers must have is to continually learn to receive complaints, suggestions and feedback of all kinds from their employees, this being the only way to get communication flowing in the workforce.

Healthy work schedule

It is completely essential that the members of a team see that the boss has a healthy hygiene at work and that he leaves improvisation for certain moments when it is important..

Today we have all the tools at the hand of any leader. A good to-do agenda must be backed up with calendars and schedules that are followed, something that seems not to matter, but which reaches the templates in a very direct way.

The result of all this process is a well-managed, productive work environment that will even allow a better reconciliation of personal and work life by creating a structured and effective framework.

Helpful meeting sessions

This question is a little tricky. The answer is yes, but only for the reasons that we are going to see, since, without a doubt, bringing the team together frequently is the best way for them to be aware of being just that, a team.

What should never be created is the feeling that time is wasted. If there are parts of the workday or moments in the dynamics that have been created in which the employees feel that they are wasting their time, we are wrong.

Part of a good leader's job is to avoid this. It is necessary to manage that the meetings have clear objectives and that the conversation does not leave them. You can also create intermediate positions that are responsible for managing time, something that has an excellent impact on the assertiveness of workers.

Promote personal challenges within the team

We have left this question to finish. And this should be the ultimate goal of an expert in team management, which is the profile we want to give to the leader of 2020 and the future.

A worker has to notice two things at his job. The first is that his qualities are appreciated and valued, and the other is that they grow because of the feedback he has with his daily work.

If the professional is aware that the challenges make him grow and fit with his possibilities, his motivation will be higher. If, on the other hand, you fall into repetitive tasks, not in line with talent or, simply, inconsequential, we will find professionals who are not very good at giving their best.

Of course, here we must not forget to create an environment of growth in every way. The professional wants to be valued, yes, but they also want this evaluation to be reflected in promotions, promotions and other similar rewards. The opposite could lead anyone to seek new work horizons, which would be a failure for the manager if he were a talented worker.

In short, following these tips or advice, which in the end are trends within the field of team management, is something important that will not take long to bear fruit, both in the assessment that employees will make of the figure of their leader, and in the work environment to be achieved.


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