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Published at 23 / enero / 2020

Changing jobs? Get ready in September

Changing jobs? Get ready in September

If you would like to change jobs and make the most of the best IT and engineering working opportunities, start getting ready in September for finding your new job opportunity in October.


After the holiday’s break, September is the time when companies resume their activity, start preparing their new strategies and set new goals for the coming year.


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It is the time for thinking about the projects that will be carried out during the coming year, which means that it is time too to start thinking of the people that will be needed for developing them. That’s why you won’t probably find a job in September, but if you’re ready for a job change, it’s the right time for you to start working towards finding your new opportunity.

September is the most appropriate month for setting in motion your search process, which must not only consist of applying to hundreds of job offers. You could start, for example, by reviewing your profile in those job portals you use in order to optimise it, make it more attractive and potentiate your personal brand. All these actions take time and effort, but they are essential for opening the doors to autumn’s job improvement.





The job change you are expecting will arrive with the new season

Prepare thoroughly for your job change. October and November will yield results, since they are the best months for finding more qualified and stable jobs in comparison with previous months. It is the best time too for finding good intermediate and managing job opportunities. Autumn is the time for thinking in the long term and for offering stable positions in sales, financing and engineering areas, among others.

But, above all, if you’re looking for a change, don’t relax. Far-seeing companies close budgets in September, so selection processes usually start in October and may last until November so that the process is closed in December. Starting your new opportunity search in December may lead you to a longer than expected job hunt process.

There are also less far-seeing companies where the coming year budget may be approved in December, which causes that selection processes are opened in January. Anyway, December will not be the month giving you the best immediate results. Don’t wait until it’s too late and start working in September towards your job change.


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If you see an interesting job offer, take action! If you let time go by, maybe when you finally decide to apply, the process is already closed to applications. Autumn is a season with plenty of job offers, but there is also a lot of competition among candidates who are looking for a new job.

But even more important than being the first one applying to a job offer, is being the right person for a given position. Don’t send a generalist profile, since one of the aspects that recruitment teams value the most (and we know what we’re talking about 😊), is that the resumé has been adjusted to the offered position. If you can reformulate your CV to make clear that you are the perfect person for that position, do it!





You still don't have a LinkedIn or a GitHub profile?

Not having a LinkedIn profile, in the recruitment world, is equivalent to living in the stone age without fire or a bludgeon to defend yourself from the various nocturnal vermin. In the present day, digitalising oneself is not an option.

So, if you haven’t done it yet, it’s time you dust off your online profile and recover your LinkedIn account password. With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to create a noteworthy profile that will help you score points every time a recruitment specialist comes across it when carrying out proactive searches in this network.

In case you are a programmer, it is equally important that you show off your qualities and skills in specialised platforms such as GitHub, where an optimised profile may make you stand out. If you have any doubts, you can watch the video summary we have prepared for you on our last Meetup, where we tell you all about how to show the world (including recruiters) how good you are at coding. Let your GitHub profile get you a job without needing to leave home.



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