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4 nov 2020
4 minutes | TALENTO

Reskilling in the “new normality”

What we have been calling a new normal, the one that the crisis caused by Covid-19 has brought us, will create substantial changes in terms of management within the company. In fact, a few days ago we were talking about the changes it has ...

22 jul 2020
4 minutes | TALENTO

Keys for being a good leader | Between Technology

The traditional boss concept has long since slipped into a drawer that we hope ...

3 jun 2020
4 minutes | TALENTO

Revisando la Employee Centricity | Between Technology

Employee centricity (EC) is a topic that has been talked about a lot in trends ...

28 may 2020
3 minutes | TALENTO

7 tips and keys for teleworking | Between Technology

Teleworking is a reality to which more and more companies are adapting in recent years. Although it is something that many companies were already implementing in their routines, due to the current situation many other companies have had to ...

13 may 2020
3 minutes | TALENTO

9 keys for work video calls | Between Technology

The possibility of working remotely is becoming a reality to which more and ...

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